San Francisco e-cigarette sale ban prevails, Juul loses the vote it spent nearly $19 million on

In the San Francisco elections last night, it looks like there was a big loss for Juul.

According to the early vote count from the SF Chronicle and others, San Francisco voters have overwhelmingly defeated Proposition C in Tuesday's election. This means a citywide ban on the sale of electronic cigarette products will go into effect next year, if the numerous legal challenges don't get in the way.

Juul is reported to have spent close to $19 million dollars to pass Proposition C, which would have killed the plan to ban e-cig sales in San Francisco.

Juul lost big last night, along with Prop C.

BUT: Tobacco cigarettes, which are proven to cause cancer, are still available for sale.

[PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-4.0]