China's government is limiting the number of hours kids can play computer games

The Chinese government is concerned that children are spending too much time playing computer games, reports The New York Times. It has issued new regulations forbidding young people from playing games after 10pm, and limiting playtime to 90 minutes on weekdays. Spending on in-game merchandise is capped at $28 – $57 a month. To ensure compliance, players must use real names and identification numbers.

From the article:

Chinese officials said the regulations were meant to combat addiction.

"These problems affect the physical and mental health of minors, as well as their normal learning and living," the National Press and Publication Administration said in a statement that was published by Xinhua, the official news agency.

Analysts said the regulations had been largely anticipated by the industry and were unlikely to hurt revenue. Many of the biggest technology companies, including Tencent and Netease, have already imposed limits on younger users.

Young gamers are also likely to find ways around the regulations, such as using a parent's phone and identification number.

"There are always going to be loopholes," said Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, a research and consulting firm.