Jamf Now Is Changing the Way Companies Handle Their IT Needs

Tech-wise, the modern office employee has never had so much freedom. More and more businesses are kicking away from the desk and getting work done remotely on tablets, laptops, and phones.

That's great for the worker. But for management — and especially IT — it can be a real hassle configuring settings, installing security protocols and keeping up with updates.

For Apple users, there's an easy fix with Jamf Now. For those out of the loop, Jamf Now is a mobile device management solution that's perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It works specifically with Apple products and can deploy company apps directly onto your team's devices with minimal fuss. After it's installed and settings are tweaked to management specifications, Jamf Now keeps everyone on the same page by automatically taking care of updates and license changes.

All of this gets done remotely, taking a ton off the plate of management and the IT team. Need to make a major change or switch out team members? Jamf Now ensures you're still in the driver's seat with the ability to lock devices or set restrictions.

It adds up to huge savings in time and money. And with a new deal that allows companies to manage three devices for free, Jamf Now is definitely worth checking out.