Dive into data analysis with this R programming master class

Does your company do data analytics? Chances are that at least part of that infrastructure is coded in R. There's simply no better programming environment for working with statistics, which makes it invaluable in an economy where data equals money.

Want to put your coding skills to the best use? The Complete R Programming Certification Bundle can help get you in the door as a valuable member of any data analytics team.

This 6-course training bundle tackles all the main functionalities of R, including several that can be essential to machine learning. You'll learn how to sort and classify massive chunks of data, then wrangle and visualize it with tools like Dpylr and Ggplot2.

You'll also learn the same techniques used by major tech companies to mine social media platforms for valuable data. And a comprehensive course on regression analysis will let you sift through that data for meaningful answers.

The full course package contains 35 hours of lectures and hands-on workshops. The entire bundle is now on sale for 97% off the MSRP.