Fishermen rescue deer floating at sea 5 miles off Maine coast

A lobster catcher in Maine rescued a deer that somehow got swept out 5 miles off the shore, in the ocean.

Ren Dorr, who is the captain of this lobster fishing vessel, told reporters he and his shipmates encountered the juvenile buck drifting away from the coast, and they "couldn't let the poor guy suffer and drown."



[PHOTOS on the captain's Facebook page.]

Shipmate Jared Thaxter told ABC News the crew had to circle around the deer in the water a few times to position safely and grab him.

The men "grabbed him by the spikes and maybe a leg or two and just dragged him in."

After the young deer was on the boat, Thaxter says the crew gave the little guy some space, and let him rest.

The crew told reporters they then sailed back to shore, about 30 minutes, and dropped the deer on the beach and then "sailed back out to haul."

"It was a great feeling once they helped him back into the water, headed in the right direction, and to see him finally touch land," Thaxter told ABC News.

There are photos posted on Facebook.

Video below from CNN.