The NYPD is out of control, paying hundreds of millions a year in settlements to its victims

New Yorkers paid nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in 2018 to settle lawsuits filed against the New York Police Department. And that's the good news! It's down from the $335m paid out in 2017. The Daily News reports on the staggering price tag attached to New York City's notoriously violent and uncontrollable cops. The NYPD sees it a normal operating cost to be managed.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Jessica McRorie said the reduction in claims shows the department's ability to fight frivolous cases and provide top-of-the-line training to its officers.

"These gains represent another example of how the NYPD is building greater trust and respect with the community to collaboratively solve problems, drive down crime, and enhance public safety," McRorie said.

Critics say the numbers in the report are not indicative of a reformed police department.