Putin: Russia hopes Trump will visit Moscow for Victory Day ('May Day')

“It would be the right (thing). But it’s not up to us to decide,” Putin said.

Let him go. They can have him.

Russian President Vladimir Putin today said that he and the state of Russia hope that Donald Trump, who is undergoing an historic impeachment inquiry, will visit Russia for Victory Day in May.

As previously reported here on Boing Boing, Victory Day or May Day is a big deal in Soviet history and current-day Communist and Socialist ideologies. Putin is making theater of the invitation for reasons that have everything to do with the boss-subordinate relationship that seems evident between the two scumbags.

The annual parade on May 9 commemorates the historic Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, and involves the showing off of Russian military hardware.

Putin today said it would be the "right" thing for Trump to attend the state ceremony over which Putin himself presides, reports Reuters:

Trump said last week he was considering attending the commemorative events after receiving an invitation from the Kremlin.

Russia's relations with the United States are at post-Cold War lows, but Trump and Putin have maintained the semblance of a good relationship.

"Even in the framework of the election campaign it would be the right (thing). But it's not up to us to decide," Putin said, when asked about Trump's possible attendance.

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