BREAKING: Roger Stone guilty on all counts

Roger Stone, advisor to Donald Trump and longtime political "ratfucker", was convicted today on all counts, including obstruction of justice, lying to congress, and witness tampering. Axios:

The big picture: Prosecutors alleged in closing arguments that Stone lied to congressional investigators because he "knew that if this information came out it would look really bad for his longtime associate Donald Trump," the New York Times reports.

CNN notes that the most significant revelation from Stone's trial was "the extent to which Stone was in touch with Trump directly and other campaign officials, and how they eagerly anticipated WikiLeaks' releases of hacked Democratic emails in 2016."

Those communications also allegedly involved a July 2016 phone conversation between Stone and Trump in which the two discussed future WikiLeaks email dumps, former deputy campaign manager Rick gates testified.

Stone, 76, joins other Trump aides and officials Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen and George Papadopoulos among those convicted of crimes related to his presidential campaign and presidency.