A game jam where coders were limited to two Tweets-worth of characters

The rules for TweetTweetJam were simple–keep it short:

Why 560?
Because you don't always need a ton of code to make something fun. Because sometimes it's nice to scale back. But mostly because it's the length of two tweets. Use a minifier if you need to, and bend the rules if you can. PICO-8 is our recommended tool, but TIC-80 and other text-based engines will work as well!


1. Your final game code must be 560 characters or less. This includes spaces and brackets.
2. No spritesheets or external art libraries allowed! All of your game art must fit into your code. Symbols such as 웃 and ★ are acceptable, as long as they work in your editor and can be included in a tweet!

The 60 entries included a typing game, city builder, and downhill racer: