That sound you hear is 'Republican talking points disintegrating'

The Donald Trump impeachment hearings are yielding much interesting drama today.

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman and VP Mike Pence aide Jennifer Williams testify today.

Watch it live on CSPAN here.

Longtime CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin scored what may be the line of the day, and it's early.

That sound you hear in the backgroud of the impeachment hearings is "Republican talking points disintegrating," said Toobin midday on CNN.

In the clip, Toobin points out that just today we have learned about:

— Donald Trump's own role in the July 25 phone call

— Ukraine knew the U.S. aid was conditional by July 10 meeting

— That the 'Javelins' aid to Ukraine was finally released only because the Trump administration was busted.

Here's the video clip, from CNN's @zbyronwolf (who writes CNN's very good #impeachment email newsletter).