Hand-making 1,000 pencils from pallet wood

Pallet wood pencils. Genius!

What an incredible project the JackmanWorks guy took on, and look at the glorious stacks of pencils that came out of it all.

How fun would it be to draw with one of these?

More about the project here from JackmanWorks:

Pencils, so many pencils… Do people even use pencils anymore? I don't think so, but that's never stopped me! Now the question is, how do I make the stupidly repetitive process of handcrafting 1,000 pencils interesting? I still don't know the answer to that and the video is already live, but I'm up for the task! In total I made 6 different pencil design, all from over a dozen different species of pallet wood. I found some really fun species in this batch too which gave me great colors to play with including butternut, moranti, sweetgun, and some stuff I haven't even identified yet. Strap in and enjoy the ride that is the most pointless project ever (I figure if I at least acknowledge that, it'll make it a little better and maybe make people look beyond the surface of what the project is to realize the deeper meaning of what it's actually about……. or not).

Check out the entire gallery on IMGUR with lots of videos and photos that show how he did this, step by step.

Making 1,000 Pencils, from Pallet Wood, by hand