Man buys Hitler's top hat and other Nazi items at auction for £513,000 and donates them to Jewish org

A wealthy Lebanese businessman based in Switzerland bought Nazi memorabilia, including Adolf Hitler's top hat, at an auction and donated them to a Jewish organization, reports The Independent. Abdallah Chatila wanted to keep the items out of the hands of neo-Nazis. At first he intended to destroy the items, but then decided to give them to the Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal group. From the article.

"I did not want these objects to fall into the wrong hands and be used by people with dishonest intentions."

Mr Chatila will not see the items he purchased as they will be sent directly to the group.

Keren Haseyod's European director said no final decision has been made on what they will do with the items, and they will likely be sent to the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel where a selection of Nazi artefacts reside.

The head of the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, said he was "bowled over" by the businessman's gesture, adding that it was a "noble act of kindness, generosity and solidarity."

Image: YouTube/i24 News