Supreme Court denies Adnan Syed's appeal for a retrial in murder case

The Supreme Court will not hear a new trial for Adnan Syed, featured in the 2014 season of the podcast Serial. Syed is serving a life sentence for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, while they were both in high school.

From Vox:

The Supreme Court did not explain why it denied Syed's petition asking it to review the case, and the Court's denial of that petition does not mean that the justices believe that Syed's lawyer behaved adequately — the Court takes only several dozen cases every year, and it rarely takes a case solely because it believes that a lower court erred.

As a practical matter, however, the Supreme Court's decision not to hear this case means that Syed is likely to serve his life sentence — though he could still seek relief from a lower federal court in a federal habeas proceeding.

Image: Serial Podcast