Save over 30% on this massive online training library

It should be obvious to anyone who has ever opened up a web page that the route to a career in Silicon Valley does not necessarily travel through a traditional university. Even so, budding coders need guidance and the right expertise.

That's where the Treehouse Project comes in. It's built for self-starters and contains a treasure trove of knowledge for far less than the cost of a week's tuition at a university.

Simply put, the service is a well-curated repository for lessons in all aspects of the tech economy. Cybersecurity, web development, UX design, data analysis - you can learn it all here. Browse the individual lessons at will or start yourself off methodically by hopping on a "track" designed to teach you all aspects of a job.

All courses are taught by experts in the field, and if you get stuck you've got access to more than 50,000 fellow students eager to steer you right again.

A one-year subscription to the Treehouse Project is down 33% off the retail cost, only $199 today.

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Boost your resumé and get Black Friday savings on this Project Management training

What does it take to be an effective project manager? These days, it's more than just amorphous "people skills." Methodologies like Agile, Scrum and Six Sigma lay out a proven roadmap for completing big jobs not just in software but in any industry.

If you've got the will to master them, the Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle covers everything you need to start a secure career.

Even if you've never worked with Scrum before, the early courses in this bundle will get you off and running with the tools and techniques project managers use to get projects from A to B. After you cover the fundamentals, later classes will delve into best practices for Agile and how to integrate various kinds of software into your workflow. There's a dedicated course on risk management, plus a whole Bootcamp on Six Sigma and how it can help you use big data to make informed decisions.

In all, it's 120 hours of lectures and exercises packed into 11 courses. The entire bundle is on sale for 98% off the cost of the individual segments, but you can take an additional 15% off the final cost by entering the Black Friday code BFSAVE15.

Don't wait for Black Friday—you can get these top-sellers at deep discounts today! Read the rest

JOHN WILCOCK: Peace on Earth, at Last! The Moment The Pentagon Lifted up Into the Air.

The climactic moment when The Pentagon levitated into the air, ending war.

This historic moment begs the question: "Was Daniel Ellsberg's moral evolution due, in part, to him being inside the building when surrounded by thousands of chanting peacemakers?"

This concludes the three part Levitation of The Pentagon (Read Part One and Parts Two)

From John Wilcock, New York Years, by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall.

(See all Boing Boing installments)

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YouTuber hires people on Fiverr to paint his minis

One of my favorite new gaming miniature painting channels is Emil Nyström's Age of Squidmar. In just six months of making videos, Emil has already established himself as a content creator to watch. Not only is he a talented miniature painter and painting teacher, he also chooses fun themes for his channel that go beyond things like painting weapons with non-metallic paint, using a wet palette, and model basing (all of which he's covered).

In the above video, Emil ventures onto the online marketplace Fiverr, finds some miniature painters there, and requests that they paint a single Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. To make the challenge more interesting, he kept his identity secret and sent them a reference model from Golden Demon painter, Antonio Peña, and asked them to paint a Primaris Intercessor in Imperial Fists colors, one of the most difficult Space Marine color schemes in the 40K universe.

He got quotes in response that ranged from $10 ($25 with shipping) to $110. After several painters bailed, he went beyond the confines of Fiverr and commissioned two pro painters, asking for a $40 paint job from one and a $100 job from the other. He ended up commissioning six painters.

The results across the board were pretty decent. Even the $10 jobs were very respectable tabletop quality. The most impressive for the money ($40) was the model seen above. They even painted a display on the Auspex (Space Marine handheld scanner). This painter also did a two-part video of him painting the model. Read the rest

Low cost Shimano cycling shoes are just fine for spinning

I needed new shoes for cycling. These Shimano SH-RP1 cycling shoes are great.

Fairly lightweight, and certainly durable enough for spinning class, I'll be using these Shimano shoes 3-4x a week. They are stiff enough and the velcro straps cinch them down tight.

There are some interesting vent holes cut in the sole that my old pair did not have. I do not really notice much airflow, but maybe when on my roadbike.

I needed to buy a set of SPD clips to make them truly useful. I could have taken the old ones off my last pair, but they are not currently with me.

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The Life Cycle podcast discusses the future of freedom with Lawrence Lessig

Fifteen percent of all human consciousness that has ever existed is present and happening today. As we speed up and grow ever more connected via the Internet, what are the implications for this massive digital shift? In this episode recorded last year, renowned Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig discusses the state of the digital landscape and its impact on notions of freedom and democracy. For good or for bad, how will this new era play out in the years to come? In "The Beginning," the last episode of Season One, we look resolutely into the near future.

The Life Cycle is a production of Klang Games, creator of Seed, the planet colonization MMO -- watch the new trailer here.  Subscribe to The Life Cycle on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Spotify. Follow The Life Cycle on Twitter and Instagram. Read the rest

Four union organizers fired from Google

On Friday, googlers staged a workplace rally demanding the reinstatement of two suspended co-workers who'd been involved in workplace organizing against collaboration with ICE and tolerance for homophobia; on Monday, four of the organizers of the rally were fired. Read the rest

Crowdfunding for Los Anarchists, a junior roller derby team in Sun Valley, CA

Anthony Gulino writes, "Los Anarchists Junior Derby is a nonprofit that takes a DIY approach to teaching roller derby to kids. It runs programs for all levels from the youngest, newest skaters to the highest level of competitive junior derby at its dedicated facility, Anarchy Hall, in Sun Valley, CA. Los Anarchists' travel team is the current Junior Roller Derby Association World Champions in the Female division and have been invited to The Big O in Oregon, as well as tournaments in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Tampa this season." Read the rest

1941 film shows striking animators brandishing a working guillotine at the Disney studio gates

The 1941 Disney animator's strike was bitterly fought, as Walt Disney refused to grant the concessions that all the other animation studios had agreed to, and instead grew paranoid and accusatory, convinced the "Communist infiltrators" had turned his animators against him. Read the rest

Recycling used skateboards into a new guitar

This thing can really shred. Read the rest

Christian TV pastor Rick Wiles: Impeachment is a "Jew coup"

It's kind of fun to say: Jew coup, Jew coup, Jew coup. Read the rest

US teen's TikTok video on China's Muslim camps (and beauty tips) goes viral

An American teenager's clever TikTok video managed to sneak in banned commentary on the topic of China's concentration camps and torture programs for Uighur Muslims. The teen's video was bookended with beauty tips, and went viral with 1.4M+ views and ~500,000 likes. Many copycats. China didn't like it. Read the rest

In defamation case, Elon Musk will testify that "pedo guy" is a common South African phrase and not an accusation of pedophilia

Vernon Unsworth is one of the rescue divers who helped free the children who'd been stuck in a cave in Thailand; Unsworth made some pointed remarks about the disutility of Elon Musk's proposal to bring the children out in a miniature sub, to which Musk replied by publicly calling Unsworth "pedo guy" and "child rapist" and then daring Unworth to sue him. Read the rest

Melania Trump receives "loud and substantial" booing when giving speech

Melania Trump, perhaps best known for promoting a racist birth certificate hoax on national television, was loudly booed in Baltimore today as she took the stage to give a speech on opioid awareness.

From someecards:

CNN Reporter Kate Bennett was on the scene, and described the booing as loud and substantial. As Bennett notes, Donald Trump has a history of insulting Baltimore, most recently calling the predominantly black city a "rodent infested mess." The feeling is mutual.

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Across America, DMVs make millions selling your license data to private eyes -- and randos

It's not just Florida: Motherboard sent public records requests to DMVs across America and found that they were routinely selling off access to drivers' license databases to some of the sweatiest, sketchiest companies and individuals, on the cheap, and doing so much of it that they're making millions (California's DMV makes $50m/year selling off driver's license data). Read the rest

AI startup makes a deepfake to look and sound like podcaster Joe Rogan

An AI startup called Dessa made a deepfake that allows people to sound like podcaster Joe Rogan. I can't tell the difference between the fake Rogan's voice and the real Rogan's voice. They also made a deepfake that looks like Rogan, but it's easy to tell it's phony.

Image: YouTube/Dessa Read the rest

My new book about Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming is on sale for $7

I spent the first part of the year co-writing a book with Ryan Bates for Apress called Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming: Build Consoles and Arcade Cabinets to Play Your Favorite Classic Games. You can buy a hardcopy or Kindle version on Amazon. But if you go directly to the Apress site and use code CYBERWEEK19, you can get the DRM-free eBook (PDF and EPUB) for $7. Read the rest

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