Couple got engaged at Walmart hours after armed robbery stunt with 'ornamental sword', say police

In North Carolina, a lovestruck convenience store clerk and her fiancé now have matching criminal charges. According to police, the man who performed the robbery was carrying "some sort of ornamental sword," which you can sort of make out in the convenience store surveillance video above, courtesy of local police.

Police say the couple plotted and carried out an armed robbery Monday night, and the couple reportedly got engaged at a Walmart a few hours later.

Callie Elizabeth Carswell, who was working as a clerk at at Big Daddy's convenience store when a robbery took place, was charged by police with conspiracy for robbery with a dangerous weapon, false report to police and misuse of a 911 system, reports The News Herald of North Carolina.

The woman's Walmart fiancé, Mr. Clarence Moore III, is charged with conspiracy for robbery with a dangerous weapon and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

That'd be the "ornamental sword."

This is good stuff, folks.


Investigators said the robbery took place after 10 p.m. Monday night when a man with a hat, bandanna and some sort of ornamental sword walked into the store and demanded money from the clerk. He walked out of the store with $2,960, according to a release from MDPS.

Carswell allowed officers to search her cellphone, resulting in them finding videos of her and Moore getting engaged at Walmart early Tuesday morning after the robbery, the release said. Receipts seized during the execution of a search warrant showed the engagement rings were purchased at Walmart.

When police executed a search warrant at Moore's vehicle, they found money from the store and a hand written list of materials needed to conduct the robbery. At Moore's and Carswell's house, police found the weapon and clothing worn by Moore during the robbery, the release said.

And from followup reporting by the Associated Press today:

Carswell said outside of court Tuesday that she wasn't involved in the robbery plan.

"I didn't do it. … I wasn't involved," she told reporters.


A phone listing for Moore said the number was out of service. A message left at a number for Carswell wasn't immediately returned.

Couple got engaged at Walmart hours after armed robbery hoax [, photo: Surveillance video]