"63 Up": doc series following the lives of Brits every seven years since they were 7, returns

In 1964, director Michael Apted started documenting the lives of a group of 7-year-old British kids. Then, for every seven years since, he's returned to interview them as a way to learn "whether or not our adult lives are pre-determined by our earliest influences and the social class in which we are raised." Well, a new film in the Up Series has been made and the "children" are now 63 years old (Apted himself is now 78). 63 Up is making its way through U.S. based Landmark movie theaters now through March. Definitely worth catching!

7 Up

7 Plus Seven Up (aka 14 Up)

21 Up

28 Up

35 Up
Not available on YouTube

42 Up (trailer only)

49 Up (trailer only)

screenshot via 63 Up