Mom gets $3,000 bill after doctors remove plastic doll shoes from 3-year-old's nose

A mom in Las Vegas got a shocking bill — $3,000 — after doctors removed a plastic doll shoe from her 3-year-old daughter's nose.

Kids do dumb stuff. Parenting shouldn't have to be this expensive, and our health care system in America really needs an overhaul.

Their bill has since been reduced, after public attention following media reports.

Nevada television news KTNV-TV reported earlier this week that Lucy Branson, 3, somehow managed to cram two pink Polly Pocket plastic doll shoes up her nose, one for each nostril.

From the Associated Press:

Her mother Katy Branson says she was able to remove one of the shoes but even urgent care couldn't reach the second shoe.

Branson says she then took her daughter to Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Siena Campus in Henderson where physicians used a tweezer-like tool to successfully remove the shoe in seconds.

The Branson family says they initially received a bill for $3,000 but the charge was reduced to $1,700 because of a high deductible medical policy.

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