One upside of the Bernie Blackout: Sanders is not facing a frontrunner's backlash

The Bernie Blackout is a well-documented phenomenon: the press cover Bernie (far) less than other frontrunners, and when they do, they're (far) more negative than they are with other frontrunners.

The Intercept's DC Bureau Chief, Ryan Grim, has been on the Sanders beat since 2015. In a short video, he points out one silver lining of the blackout: it means that Sanders might escape the backlash in coverage that every frontrunner faces when the media gets tired of lionizing them and switches to demonizing them, going through their backgrounds for transgressions to use in order to attack them.

It's pretty cold comfort, though.

I am a donor to both Sanders' and Warren's campaigns.

Bernie Sanders faced a media blackout that helped sink his 2016 run for president. Ahead of 2020, the trend continues: Sanders gets less media coverage and a higher rate of negative coverage than his top rivals for the Democratic nomination. But this time, says The Intercept's D.C. Bureau Chief Ryan Grim, the blackout could actually help Bernie win.