Arizona man rescued and arrested after getting stuck in chimney that did not belong to him

His name was not Santa Claus.

Fire crews in Tucson, Arizona responded on Friday to a call to rescue a man stuck in a chimney. Just one extra detail. The vacant home did not belong to the stuck gentleman.

The gentleman was freed and charged with possession of illegal drugs, surprise surprise.

From Tuscon local TV news KGUN-9:

It started just after 12:20 p.m., TFD says, when neighbors say they heard a man calling for help from inside the home near Waverly and Grant and called 911.

Firefighters say they used a rescue ring and a rope on a crane to pull the man out of the chimney. The man is in his mid 30s and wasn't injured.

Tucson Police say the home was vacant and the man was charged with trespassing and possession of a dangerous drug. He had an outstanding warrant, TPD said.

Firefighters told reporters they used a rescue ring and rope on a crane to extricate the man in his mid-30s out of the chimney. He wasn't injured.

Here are more crazy photos the rescuers took at the scene.

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Photo credit: Tucson Fire Department.