Today: Take part in an interactive online screening of "The Crossing" for Human Rights Day

Today is International Human Rights Day, and Storylab has arranged for a special free online screening of "The Crossing: Your Impact on Modern Day Slavery," via the interactive Hubhub platform, which lets viewers annotate and discuss videos, with comments linked to specific moments in the video. The video includes a special introduction by Emma Thompson, the project's patron.

On the 10th of December we're creating a hubub for Human Rights Day and convening a global conversation about modern day slavery. A video introduction by Patron Emma Thompson precedes the screening of the award winning film The Crossing, and following we're inviting voices from across the world to join Tamara Barnett Human Trafficking Foundation, the film's director Shreepali Patel, producer Colin Burrows and Rich Warren of Encounters Film Festival in an international conversation sparked by the film.

UN Human Rights Day [Storylab]

(Thanks, Jonathan Worth!)