These Millennium Falcon ice cubes will melt your Star Wars fanboy heart

Do you have any Star Wars fans on your list? Given the reach and output of its new corporate masters these days, it might be easier to ask if there's anyone out there who isn't a Star Wars fan. So let's narrow it down further: Do you know a Star Wars fan who likes to drink?

Still a pretty broad category? Okay, fine. You might want to get several of these Millennium Falcon Ice Molds, then.

Fill these molds with ice, pop them in the freezer, then make that Carbonite "fwoosh" sound as it renders a tiny frozen replica of Han Solo's legendary ride. You can even see the little radar dish.

The possibilities are endless here. Freeze some furry bugs into it and pretend they're Chewbacca! Give it a new paint job by using fruit punch! Or we suppose you could just put them in a glass and use them to keep your drink as cold as Hoth on Christmas.

The Millennium Falcon Ice Molds are already more than 30% off retail, but you can take an extra 15% off the final price by using the discount code MERRYSAVE15.