Watch Iranian artist Ali Akbar Beigi apply finishing touches to a hyper-realistic oil painting

Watch Tehran-born artist Ali Akbar Beigi work on this gorgeous hyperrealistic portrait.

This amazing video is identified as "Oil on Canvas by Aliakbar Beigi," from the Instagram account of the Beigi Academy Of Art.

About the artist, from

Ali Akbar Beigi was born on July 25, 1982 in an art-loving family in Tehran, Iran. He loved painting since childhood and he spent most of his time on learning this art with well-known art teachers. He developed an interest and a taste for art, when he was 14 years old. Beigi's professional career as painter started after successfully achieved association degree in art. He established his own gallery and training institute called ''Beigi Academy" in 2001 and soon after opened his second branch as a result of high demand and students' interests. Beigi's Academy is one of the most prestigious and eminent art classes in Tehran, which is authorized by Ministry of culture in Iran. During the past years, Ali Akbar Beigi has attended 15 collective exhibitions and held 4 successful solo exhibitions in terms of high quality of exhibited artworks and high volume of visitors. He is currently studying Bachelor of fine art in Iran. In addition to that, he attended several workshops and academic courses such as Imperial Academy of Art classes in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Beigi's genre of painting is hyperrealism and subject matter ranges from portraits, figurative art, still life, landscapes, cityscapes and narrative scenes. He absolutely loves oil painting, as he believes that using a medium provides an artist with reaching the color and texture without any limitation that they wish to achieve. Moreover, Oil paint creates luminous, rich colors that stand out particularly more than other paints may. Since oil paints contain more pigment, they create a more vibrant piece of artwork.

More video of this amazing piece being created by Beigi.

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