LA police union will not defend cop accused of sexual assault on a corpse

Finally, a police union has identified a form of misconduct it will not defend: necrophilia.

David Rojas is the LAPD cop who thought that turning off his bodycam would stop it from recording him as he fondled the breast of a dead woman.

He has now been charged by the local DA, and, amazingly, his union has declined to defend him.

Mind you, this is the same union that investigated 1,356 complaints of acts of racial bias committed by its members without upholding a single one. Police unions are a public enemy, defending running over protesters, sexual harassment, "get out of jail free" cards for cronies, beating up protesters who turn out to be undercover cops, purging the misconduct records of dirty cops, and perjury.

But sexual assault on a corpse is a bridge too far — as was feeding shit to a homeless person, way back in 2016.

"We hope that District Attorney Jackie Lacey charging Mr. Rojas for his vile alleged crime will bring some solace to the deceased woman's family during their time of grieving," the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing LAPD officers, said in a statement.

The union also said it will not defend the officer during his proceedings.

"His alleged behavior is abhorrent and an affront to every law enforcement professional working the LAPD," it said.

LAPD officer charged after allegedly fondling a dead woman's breast [Christina Maxouris and Margaret Shuttleworth/CNN]

(Image: North Charleston, CC BY-SA)