Save over 75% on this 5-piece Damascus chef's knife set

Once you've cut steak or poultry with some actual quality knives, it's really tough to go back to those budget blades you bought at the department store a couple of decades ago.

Consider that a fair warning about this 5-Piece Professional Damascus Chef's Kitchen Set. The holiday discount makes it easy to buy for a friend. But if you do, you might be eating dinner at their place a lot more often.

The striking look on the metal is a beautiful side effect of the ancient methods that Black Forge Knives uses to produce them. The end result is Damascus steel, extremely hard and capable of being honed to a precise edge.

The set includes a butcher's knife, filet knife, and other standard sizes to suit any kitchen needs, plus a leather pouch for easy carrying. Like a trusty cast-iron pan, there's a bit of oiling and care required to keep them at their best – but when they're at their best, there's nothing quite like them.

The entire set is already more than 60% off retail, but you can take an extra 15% off the final price by using the coupon code MERRYSAVE15.