Save 40% on this innovative desktop toy and card game

There are fast-paced card games, and some of them even require enough dexterity for a mini-workout (like Skip-Bo or Snap). But there's nothing quite like the Mokuru® Card Game, which uses an already addictive fidget toy as the centerpiece for a cutthroat game of tabletop challenges.

The game is named for the toy that gets used in its challenges, a weighted cylinder that you try to roll end-over-end across a table, then catch upright with your palm. As a solo fidget device, it's engrossing yet meditative, and hard enough to do simple tricks with on your own.

The card game adds other players into the with mix, throwing down the gauntlet of increasingly difficult tricks, some of which you have to do with added challenges (like being blinded). Pull it off, and you earn "belts" that move you ever closer to the winner's circle. But don't get cocky – the belts can be stolen by sneaky players with the right card and the right timing.

The card game (including 3 Mokurus) is on sale already for 25% off the MSRP, but you can take an extra 15% off the final price by using the holiday discount code MERRYSAVE15.