Transmit Bluetooth audio from your TV to your wireless headphones with this adapter

Bluetooth audio is all about convenience. It's so convenient, in fact, that it's somewhat disappointing when you return from a run with those wireless earbuds to home audio or TVs that aren't equipped with the technology.

There's an easy fix: The beamit Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter & Receiver.

The unit connects easily to most any device in your home by way of digital outputs or old-school 3.5 mm AUX outlets. From there, it switches easily between receiving transmission mode.

The possibilities are endless. Hook it up to your TV and you can listen to the audio on wireless headphones while your partner studies quietly. Conversely, you can listen to streaming music services from your phone on a stereo system connected to the beamit. You can even transmit sound to two headphones simultaneously. And thanks to low latency audio coding, you'll have the optimal sound no matter what your listening device of choice is.

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