The Photo Roulette app sends a random photo from your phone to your friends

Here's a terrifying new game that's one of the most popular apps in the United States, Photo Roulette. Up to fifty players allow the app to access their photos. Each round, a random photo from one of the player's galleries pops up on everyone else's phone. Players then race to guess whose photo it is.

Julie Jargon rounded up some horror storiesfor the Wall Street Journal. Here's one:

"I was kind of freaked out by it so I went to my camera roll to make sure there wasn't anything embarrassing and I didn't see anything too bad," she said.

But when she joined the game, the app displayed a photo of her Social Security number.

And another:

Emma Romney, a 20-year-old college student from Spokane, Wash., was playing Photo Roulette with her cousins, uncle and father during a road trip recently when a selfie she had taken a few years ago came up in the game.

Read the whole article here, including a look at what information is shared with the app developers.