Pamper your peepers with this water-powered eye massager

Sleep masks work wonders on the sleepless. A hot towel on the face is one of the best sensations of a spa treatment. So we're not sure why eye massagers aren't more of a thing – even though just talking about how this latest model works relaxes us.

It's called the Aurai Eye Massager, and let's get one thing straight: It's far more than a simple sleep mask. The massager itself resembles a set of VR goggles, though it's a bit lighter. The strap fits comfortably around the head, and the rig is attached to a reservoir that pumps water into a molded, soft compress inside the mask.

The compress fits just about any head shape, molding to your eyes as the water circulates through the mask. It rolls over your eyes in gentle waves, releasing tension in the muscles of your face and the eyes themselves.

As it does this, it can change temperature. Warm water can be especially good for eyestrain or dryness, while cool settings can help with those dark circles and age lines around the eye.

The Aurai Eye Massager is on sale now for nearly half off the retail price, but you can take an extra 15% off by using the discount code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.