Give your glasses a deep clean with this ultrasonic case

How many times a day do you wipe your glasses clean? If you actually care about your specs, you're using a microfiber cloth and not your shirt. In which case, good for you. But even so, you're just removing the surface dust on those lenses – not the grime and oil that accumulates on a daily basis, which in turn attracts more dust.

There's a better way, and not only does it not involve any additional elbow grease, but it can also save you some time: The Smartclean Vision.7.

Not only does this innovative cleaning casework wonders on your glasses, but it can also be used on most small jewelry items. It works by way of tiny ultrasonic waves. Simply fill it up with water, immerse your glasses, and the ultrasonics turn the bubbles into tiny shockwaves. They won't scratch your lenses in any way, but they will do a deep clean on your glasses by removing built-up oil and stubborn stains – all without you lifting a finger.

The Smartclean Vision.7 is already 20% off retail, but you can take an additional 15% off by using the holiday coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.