Save over 60% on these Damascus steel steak knives

If you're at all serious about your cooking, eventually you're going to need a knife set. And not the one that got handed down to you by your parents, but a real chef's set that will make you notice the difference in every cut.

With that in mind, it's worth considering a set that will distinguish themselves before you even use them. And believe us, people who haven't seen Damascus steel before will definitely take notice of this set of 4 Damascus Steak Knives.

In a nutshell, Damascus steel was a legendary form of metal and metalworking that produced some of the most feared weapons in the Eastern hemisphere. While the source metal of wootz is lost to the ages, modern blacksmiths have learned how to replicate the process — with time and care.

The result is the watery pattern on the blades of these chef knives, a side effect of their hardness and ability to keep a keen edge. Each one is 8 1/2 inches and augmented with pakkawood, rosewood and walnut wood handles.

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