Outwit applicant trackers with this smart résumé creator

Brush up on those interview skills all you like, but all the charm in the world won't help you past the primary obstacle for modern job seekers: Applicant tracking systems. These bots comb online applications before a human ever sees them, searching for keywords that would indicate particular titles or skills.

That's where Rezi Résumé Software comes in handy.

It's a fine line: You don't want your resume to read like an SEO checklist, but you do want it to be flagged by the right companies. Rezi allows you to do this by providing simple forms for your job experience, skills, education and other essentials. It then organizes them in a way that puts your best traits front and center, letting you customize it at every step so you can still maintain your unique voice. The results will bump up your score on ATS algorithms while still providing a compelling "best foot forward" once that manager gets their first look.

A lifetime subscription to Rezi is now available for a full 94% off the retail price.