Land an IT job in 2020 with the help of this training bundle

When most of us think of IT, we picture towering stacks of servers and intense walls of code. And while, yes, servers and code both have their place in any IT pro's day-to-day, they're not nearly as scary as we make them out to be—at least not when you have the right training under your belt. The Complete IT for Beginners Bundle is the perfect introduction for IT newcomers and can make getting your foot in the door much less intimidating.

Each course in this 10-course package builds off the one before. You'll get a firm foundation in the basic, language-neutral elements of computer code, then branch out into specific platforms and areas of coding in later lessons.

Those lessons include comprehensive training in HTML and Python, both essential languages for any job. There's also a deep dive into the world of cloud computing (and one of its biggest platforms, AWS), web app development and more. By the end, you'll be on your way to earning certifications that will light up any resume and impress IT recruiters.

You can get lifetime access to the entire Complete IT for Beginners Bundle for 95% off the retail price.

Prices subject to change.

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