Florida woman flings poo at landlord, covers herself in it, charged with battery

She has been charged with battery of a person over 65.

A most unfortunate woman in Florida was arrested after tossing a bucket of human feces in the general direction of her landlord, which somehow caused her to also up with dried excrement smeared all over her own face, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Joanne Mercader, 59, first told deputies her landlord was the one who in fact first assaulted *her* with poop, according to the arrest report.

In video of the incident, a deputy can be heard saying, "There is poop everywhere."

"It's a really crappy situation," the deputy says.

After a pause, his supervisor replies: "Yeah. Do the right thing."

Ah, Florida.
Never change.

"She took the poop and she rubbed it on my face," Mercader told the deputy. A deputy's body camera showed her face covered with dried human waste. Mercader's landlord, a woman who was not identified, had wet feces on her face, the report said. "She's dripping with it," the deputy said.

Mercader eventually told deputies that she had intended to toss a bucket of water on the landlord, whose name was redacted from the arrest report, but she got confused and threw the bucket of feces at her. Mercader told deputies she knew the landlord would be angry, so she ran into the bathroom, where the landlord spread excrement on her face. The deputy said Mercader's story still didn't add up.

The landlord told deputies she was met with the bucket of feces in her face when she opened the door Saturday after no one answered. She said she had prearranged the visit to Mercader's home to look at several broken items.

Florida woman accused of throwing human feces at landlord [AP, photo montage based on images from Volusia County Sheriff's Office and suspect mugshot]