Students build pyramid from 27,434 toilet paper rolls (VIDEO)

A group of high school students in Michigan made good use of their holiday break: they built a toilet paper pyramid.

The students belong to a 20-member robotics team, and they plan to sell the (unused) toilet paper now to raise money for their technology studies.

"There was a lot of excitement when we got to the last few layers, but the final roll at the top was actually pretty anti-climactic," teen robotics enthusiast Maxton Herst told "Every single roll you place, you want it to be in the correct spot. It was just kind of mind-numbing work."

The kids got the idea from seeing a similar pyramid in a YouTube video a few years ago.

From Associated Press:

The students built the pyramid during holiday break. The robotics team began to dismantle the pyramid Monday, the first day of classes after the holidays. Rolls of the two-ply toilet paper were placed into 96-count boxes for purchase.