The best brand of duct tape

Project Farm set out to test major brands of duct tape to see which was the best. He devises three trials, testing the pull strength of the adhesive, how much weight a loop can bear, and the shearing strength of the tape itself.

What we saw here were varying degrees of tackiness, elasticity and strength between brands

T-Rex tape devoured the field on the adhesive test, Gorilla barely pipped it for the weight test, and 3M won the shearing test with T-Rex and Gorilla not far behind. Fasten, Scotch and Duck brands trailed the pack in every test. Project Farm didn't make a recommendation, but I think it's obvious T-Rex brand duct tape [Amazon] is best unless you're using the tape to hold things under shear stress. A general principle seems to be that the more menacing the animal brand, the better the tape.