Married couple arrested for planting "bait bikes" then beating thieves with baseball bats

Corey Curnutt (25) and Savannah Grillot (29) of Visalia, California were arrested on four counts of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy charges, reports Fresno's ABC 7 News. The married couple were accused of planting "bait bikes" in front of their house, and when someone tried to take the bikes, the couple would run outside wielding aluminum baseball bats and beat the would-be thieves. Curnutt and Grillot recorded the incidents and posted them YouTube.

From ABC 7:

[Neighbor Kerris LeBeau] says Curnutt and Grillot were really nice people.

But she and her husband had a front-row seat to the never-ending entrapment happening next door, and finally felt it had gone too far.

"There would be blood in the street or on the sidewalks the next day," she says.

So they said something to the couple.

"We had mentioned, 'Maybe it's not the best idea, you're kind of bringing them into the neighborhood that might not be here otherwise'. And it was a lot, it was every night, and just a lot of activity," LeBeau says.

Image: ABC 7 video screenshot