New Jersey mom and dad open Amazon diaper order and discover poopy diapers

On Amazon, the box was described as "Used: like new."

In New Jersey, a mom and dad were unpleasantly surprised to discover that a box of diapers delivered by Amazon for changing their 19-month-old daughter…. was full of poopy diapers.

Mom Nassly Sales noticed when she picked up the box that it seemed "heavier than usual," and when she and her husband, Sid Mukherjee, opened it up — the stinky truth revealed itself.


"I picked up the pack to kind of take a closer look (and) that's when the stench hit me," Mukherjee said, noting the pack of diapers smelled like urine before they realized they had been used. "Oh! This is not right … one actually has poop in it."

Mukherjee, 50, said he found himself incredulously laughing at the situation, adding that they order diapers for their daughter off Amazon at least every two months.

"I turned on the lights and that's when I noticed that it was soiled," Sales said. "I'm still in disbelief, to be honest."

Of the two boxes of diapers that were purchased, one box's condition was described as "new" and the second was described as "Used: like new." The description said the packaging was original, but that it was damaged.

Amazon didn't respond to a reporter's request for comment.

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