Russian warship 'aggressively approached' US Navy destroyer in Arabian Sea

The ships came within 60 yards of a collision

In the North Arabian Sea on Thursday, a Russian warship "aggressively approached" the US Navy destroyer USS Farragut, the US Navy says.

Defense officials say the Russian warship ignored warnings, which increased the risk of a collision.

Video posted to Twitter by the U.S. 5th Fleet (@US5thFleet) below shows the Russian warship rapidly approaching the USS Farragut.

Defense officials told CNN the Russians got as close as 180 feet to the US ship before veering away.

The incident is the latest example of a close encounter between US and Russian military forces that American officials have described as unsafe or provocative.
It comes roughly seven months after another incident in the Pacific when US and Russian warships came so close the US ship had to perform an emergency maneuver to avoid a collision.