Homeowners association forces teenage orphan out of grandmother's home

A teenager who had to move in with his grandmother after his parents died will have to move out: she's in a seniors' community where minors are banned and the homeowners' associated is doing everything it can to get rid of him.

The family of Collin Clabaugh, 15, tells ABC15 that their grandson came to live with them after both his parents died two weeks apart.

"It's amazing how one rule is more important than one person's life," said Melodie Passmore, grandmother of Clabaugh.

Passmore said she received an HOA letter from her community in Prescott that gives them a deadline of June to find other accommodations for Clabaugh.

I love her response to the board — "I've stepped in things I find nicer than you people" — and hope the publicity means someone will help her find a rule to rub their face in it.

It's a stark reminder that senior-only communities are inappropriate for people with grandchildren, but the underlying problem is HOAs. Avoid them unless you're willing to shackle your family's wellbeing to your worst neighbors' investments.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misplaced the community in Florida. It is in Arizona.