A new startup is disrupting the scrotum-washing industry

Ballsy is a new specialized scrotum soap that has somehow managed to from starting up to seven digits in sales in just seven months. From their website:

As with all good ideas, this one started in the shower. As I grabbed that same tired bottle of men's drugstore body wash, and poured that neon blue liquid into my hand it hit me. Why am I using a $4 body wash that has more chemicals and words that I can't pronounce than I care to admit?

I deserve better, my body deserves better, my boys deserve better than this. And that's when I decided to create a product that I wanted to start my day with, a product that makes me feel great and smells great in the process.

Don't just the founder's word for it; ask Hollywood's Pauly Shore, who is definitely a huge fan of this product and not just being paid to pimp it out on Cameo!

Don't get me wrong; the knockoff-Old-Spice-Guy marketing looks like the kind of made-to-be-viral sensation that would drive some VCs wild. I'm just genuinely surprised that so many people are actually spending $20-plus dollars on ball soap, and that the company already offers such a wide variety of products. There's a charcoal-activated bodywash; a "Nut Rub" cologne that comes in several different scents; a "sack spray" deodorant; some Goldbond-wannabe soothing cream; and a "Goodhead" shampoo and conditioner, which is presumably for your skull and not your pubes, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, you can get a "Ballscription" if you want.

Image via Wikimedia Commons