Bickmore Gard-More takes wonderful care of my hats

Bickmore Gard-More is a spray-on waterproofing and stain-resistant treatment for hats, leather and suede.

I am bald and wear a lot of hats. Hats are even better than glasses for instantly transforming one's look. I have stacks of flat caps, newsboys, and fedoras. Wool, cotton, linen, and suede are all current materials in the line-up. Bickmore Gard-More is the protectant I use on them all.

I recently found a beautiful rust-colored suede newsboy at a Goorin Bros sale. I knew that a cap like this could, over the years, become amazing if treated right. The suede protector of choice, in my household, is Bickmore Gard-More. It sprays on very evenly and dries very fast. I have used it on a suede jacket for almost 10 years.

Above image shows the suede immediately after drying.

After treating the hat I let it dry, and then put it on. You can not smell or see any trace of the Gard-More, however, having been caught in some light rainstorms in the suede jacket, I have no fear this hat will be just fine.

I have also used the Gard-More on wool hats, and my leather carry-on duffle bag. Gard-More doesn't change the color of the item, once dried, and simply adds a layer of water and stain resistance.


Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent 5.5oz- Leather Protector and Suede Protector Waterproofing Spray Guard for Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Jackets & More via Amazon