This smart golf simulator lets you practice your swing at home

Winter can be a difficult time of year for golfers. Between the freezing temperatures and frequent snow showers, maintaining your handicap can seem almost impossible.

When the fairways are frozen solid, the PhiGolf simulator lets you practice at home. This device captures every nuance of your swing to provide virtual coaching. Better still, you can play simulations of the world's best courses via the WGT Golf app.

Measuring just 29 inches long, the PhiGolf Swing Stick is easily short enough to swing indoors. In fact, it is small enough to pack in your luggage. However, this device has the grip and metal shaft of a real club. 

When you make a swing, sensors record the exact arc and trajectory. You can view this data via the PhiGolf smartphone app (iOS/Android) and hit balls on a virtual driving range. For a better view, you can cast from your smartphone to your TV.

The other app that works with this device is WGT, the popular golf game. With photorealistic graphics and 15 million players to challenge, this should keep any golfer busy through the winter months.

Overall, the PhiGolf simulator is a great tool for any frustrated golfer. You can order now for $199.20 when you use the 20% discount code GOLF20 at checkout.