Cat defies supermarket ban

A cat prohibited from entering the Tescos grocery store in Thorpe Marriott, England, has defied the ban, reports the BBC. One shopper photographed Pumpkin, a six year-old ginger tom, relaxing on a checkout scanner.

The six-year-old cat had been a regular in the Thorpe Marriott branch for well over a year before the shop took action last November, saying "although we love the little ginger cat who visits… a food store isn't the best place for a cat to be, so our colleagues gently encourage him to go out when he tries to come in". A spokesman said it was not really possible for a store to ban a cat and admitted Pumpkin would probably continue his visits. … Pumpkin's owner Jo Harding often pops to the shop after work and finds her wayward moggy outside. She tells him to "come home for your tea" and he will trot after her.

The photo above was posted to Facebook by one Annabel Fields. Pumpkin Harding now has his own Facebook group, should anyone wish to join the rebellion.