Relive the golden age of writing with these leather notebooks and journals

In the digital age, it can seem as though the life of the physical notebook or diary has come and gone. But most serious writers will tell you that there's a special connection that comes from putting pen to paper, and these Leather Notebooks & Journals will help you bring that magic back.

Relive the golden era of writing down your thoughts and ambitions using good old-fashioned pen and paper with these elegant, handmade notebooks and journals.

With unique designs and hand-stitched embossed leather patches, these notebooks are great gifts for lovers of the written word.

They come in a variety of styles, feature durable hardcover backings, and come loaded with 50 sheets of handmade, tree-free cotton paper that can be used to record anything your creative mind can dream up.

They're also light and compact enough to take with you without weighing you down.

Embrace your inner storyteller with these Leather Notebooks & Journals, starting at just $35.10.