Lamborghini buyer sues dealer after white car turns yellow

A father and son who paid almost $300,000 for a white Lamborghini Huracan Spyder are suing the dealer after the paint job took on a yellow tinge, reports CTV News. Calogero Caruso took a second mortgage on his home to buy the Italian sports car for his son, because it was his child's "dream to own such a luxury vehicle… instead, it has been a total nightmare." From CTV News:

The plaintiffs claim the problem developed just days after they took possession of the luxury car when they noticed it had started to turn yellow.

The Carusos say the dealership's boss, John Scotti, told them the car was indeed white but can look a little yellow in the sun.

The plaintiffs say they gave the dealer the benefit of the doubt and parked the car indoors but still noticed that it was turning yellow.

Caruso and son no longer want the  car. They want a refund plus damages, but the dealer won't give it to them. Caruso returned the car to the dealership, but he is still making mortgage and insurance payments.

Photo by Thomas Haas on Unsplash