Take your gaming to the next level with these chairs and desks

As any true gamer will tell you, the only thing that can truly ruin an epic gaming session is having to sit in an uncomfortable chair or at a poorly positioned desk for hours on end. So before you kick back and launch into another marathon session against your computer or friends, check out our list of these top-rated gaming desks and chairs that will help you conquer the digital realm.

1. AKRacing™ Masters Series PRO Gaming Chair

MSRP: $389 | Sale Price: $549 (28% off)

This chair features cutting-edge ergonomics and a full spectrum of high-end features that will take your gaming to the next level—including cold-cured foam for added comfort and lockable tilt positions.

2. AKRacing™ Office Series Onyx Deluxe Executive Chair

MSRP: $599 | Sale Price: $389 (35% off)

Combining next-generation functionality with sleek style, this seat features a high backrest for added neck support, a dedicated recliner setting, and sophisticated leather upholstery.

3. Quest 45" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

MSRP: $298 | Sale Price: $220 (26% off)

Do your neck and spine a favor with this ergonomic gaming desk that comes loaded with a cup holder, a headphone hook, and a built-in power console that features three grounded outlets and two USB charging ports.

4. Zone 47" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

MSRP: $338 | Sale Price: $250 (26% off)

Upgrade your gaming experience with this minimalist desk that features a 47-inch surface along with a specialized headphone hook, cup holder, and a cord management hole that hides all your wires.

5. Challenger 48" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

MSRP: $319 | Sale Price: $240 (24% off)

With an extra-large 48-inch surface, this gaming desk is ideal for gamers who need a bit more space for extra hard drives, peripheral devices, and headphones.

6. Offex Overlord 45" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

MSRP: $316 | Sale Price: $240 (24% off)

With a headphone hook, 45 inches of desk space, a cup holder, and two USB charging ports, this desk will keep your devices charged and your beverages safe while you battle for digital domination.

7. Height Adjustable Gaming Chair with Removable Lumbar & Headrest Pillow

MSRP: $370 | Sale Price: $220 (40% off)

Conquer your foes in unparalleled comfort with this sleek and stylish ergonomic high-back gaming chair that lets you recline up to 55 degrees and can withstand up to 330 pounds.

8. Playseat® Challenge Racing Video Game Chair

MSRP: $277 | Sale Price: $249 (10% off)

Perfect for gamers who love to race, this compact and all-compatible gaming chair was developed in cooperation with professional racing drivers and boasts a superior build quality along with a unique foldable design.

9. Playseat® Evolution Racing Video Game Chair

MSRP: $410 | Sale Price: $369 (10% off)

Put yourself in the driver's seat with this incredibly comfortable Playseat® Evolution gaming chair that is compatible with virtually every steering wheel and pedal on the market.

10. Contoured Gamer Chair with Tilt & Height Adjustable Seat

MSRP: $242 | Sale Price: $150 (38% off)

This ergonomic gaming chair offers incredible lumbar support, tension control, and fully-adjustable arms for a customized and comfortable experience.