New guy at gas station stole $17,183 worth of stuff on first shift, say cops

In Connecticut, police are trying to identify a man captured on surveillance camera stealing about $17,000 worth of merchandise from a gas station.

Cops say the guy got a job there, then proceeded to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen lottery tickets, cigarettes, and cash on his very first, and only, solo overnight shift.

Then, the suspect disappeared.

From AP:

The man also stole his employment folder, which contained his personal information, so the store's owner does not even know the worker's name, Hamden police said in a statement Tuesday.

Police responded to the Go On Gas store late last month.

The owner told investigators he used an app on his cellphone to view the store security cameras and noticed that the new employee had left.

Hamden Gas Station Employee Accused of Stealing Items Worth $17k on First Day

[ —PHOTO: Hamden, CT police]