Artist Sean Äaberg's stroke recovery sketchbooks

Sean Äaberg had a severe cerebellum stroke in September of 2018. Sean is a talented artist and game designer that I met through the tabletop gaming community. He is the man behind the highly-recommended psychedelic horror game, Dungeon Degenerates.

In this video by his wonderful wife, Katie, we get a page-by-page tour of Sean's stroke recovery sketchbooks. Over 16 months, Sean has gone from the most basic scribbles to working his way back toward the crazed and clever illustrations he's known for. The sketchbooks are a fascinating and touching progression to watch. Go, Sean!

I cannot imagine what he, Katie, and his family have been through. But they have assumed an amazingly determined and upbeat attitude about it all. We wish them luck, good health, and plenty more beautiful acid vomit in Sean's future.

BTW: As you might guess, the cost of Sean's recovery has been a hardship, too. If you're a gamer, or a fan of Sean's brand of demented, psychedelic art sorcery, consider supporting him by buying a copy of Dungeon Degenerates or some of Sean's other artwork.

Image: YouTube