China mourns Li Wenliang, the Wuhan whistleblower doctor who warned of coronavirus outbreak

• Online tributes and expressions of grief for doctor who tried to sound alarm on NCoV

Online in China, where Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV has now killed at least 630 as of today, one death seems to have affected the entire country profoundly.

Li Wenliang was a medical doctor and a whistleblower who was reprimanded by authorities for warning of a fast-escalating and deadly outbreak of a strange new virus.

He died yesterday, of the virus he warned others about.

The tributes and memorials are — wow. Wow. Wow.

This one, below? the person in the snow?

It says "Farewell Li Wenliang."

Their body forms an exclamation point.

Here are a few more, from China-based photojournalists, reporters, and others.

China: Doctor who sounded alarm on Wuhan virus dies of it

Chinese doctor who tried to warn about coronavirus early on but was censored has died from the disease [Updated]