Video diary of Wuhan man whose wife is infected with Coronavirus

VIDEO: Episode One of "Our Coronavirus Diary."

There is an incredible series of videos making the rounds today, and they are identified as being produced by a man in Wuhan, China, self-quarantined in his apartment with his wife–who is infected with the deadly Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

Hard to know how to verify the content.

Here's what's listed alongside the video on YouTube's "Ergeng Video" account:

Li Ting was an emergency room nurse in Wuhan kept fighting to CoA in the frontline. Unfortunately, she was infected with CoA. Her husband, Hai Tang, is one of the cameramen in Wuhan division of Ergeng. He uses his camera to record the days he and his wife fight with CoA. He also would like to use the videos recorded to encourage all patients.

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